Raise a banner on a bare hill top.  
Shout to them, beckon them to enter the gates.

Isaiah 13:12

Misson Without Borders

Mission Without Borders works within some of the poorest communities in Europe. Many of these people struggle with health issues as a result of their poverty, and these are often exacerbated by poor access to appropriate medical facilities. People in poverty and those suffering from malnutrition are known to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus.

The war in Ukraine has created millions of refugees who have fled the fighting and face a miserable Christmas with a lack of food, freezing temperatures and an unknown future. For many this Christmas will be the hardest yet for families living in poverty in Eastern Europe. Many Ukrainian children and families have been made homeless and traumatised by the experience of war. In cities like Izium, residents have lost access to electricity, water and gas. In response Mission Without Borders has continued to do all it can, providing food, blankets, warm clothing, shoes and hygiene items to those in need in Izium and other war-torn areas.

As Christmas approaches, MWB are determined to give struggling families the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas meal and to receive the greatest gift of all - the message of hope given to us by the birth of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas the Mission wants to raise funds and deliver 42,000 Operation Christmas Love boxes across the six countries in Eastern Europe. It’s a huge number - but the people are in desperate need especially the 12 million Ukrainians who have fled their homes since the war began. These boxes contain essential food supplies and a gift of £30 will cover one box. Donations may be made via the website - mwbuk.org






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